Maybe there have been times when human beings get distressed by the failures they receive as the token of karma(as they believe), on a broader perspective a vision of a sensible human being always converges till his 'vantage point'! It's so beautiful yet so silly that the minds of people never converge because they only have their realm of vision! It's like the rotation and revolution of the planets around itself and the Sun! They might be living in the same universe albeit stuck to their own 'owned' orbits!
In this single ball of resources, forms and the like, there are several uncountable worlds revolving around it that favorably is called the earth! We have the million worlds trying to fit in the orbits they want to make sure of their existence! It is so funny that at every tick of the smallest 'measure' of time, there is a generation of a whole new different worlds right from the infant being fed at naval to the person who lives the last second before his heart decides to stop pumping! Terrific is a simmering thought that these worlds in this single ball never collide unless the gravitation of love connects them, akin to the force between the fire ball(Sun) and our ball! Hysterical, these worlds always are in belief of getting an orbit! Broadly, the competition the stereotypes speak of, never was one and never will be! Until we repose our faith on the single ball that promises us an orbit of every world's own! The meteors and craters are that enlightening Terra firma making us more informally believing in karma! Oh yes, this world has many worlds that would never collide, neither converge, nor concur at an option of an orbit of its own! They are parallel though round(as believed to science)!
Ah! The parallel worlds! Each world is different, each orbit is different! Thank the mighty they would never converge, or who knows, there would be another bright star taking birth as powerful as the sun and would consume all the worlds in this small ball called the earth also a world! Parallel worlds! That's it!

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