Amidst the storm, today I stand,
brutal wind blowing up my hair;
to hold your hand, walking hand in hand
no matter what I have to go through, I really don't care.

Wouldn't you come to see your girl,
Waiting desperately, no matter how much time you take?
Droplets of water wetting her curls-
to see your girl, wouldn't you wake?

Surpassing the hurdles, Breaking all stones
I finally stand here, waiting for you
I stand patiently, isolated, all alone.
Surrounding myself though, are the darkest of hues!

Perhaps I am late,
As I see you finally there, walking down the other side.
Perhaps, perhaps.. you didn't have time to wait-
I thought, as the gust awakened the mighty tide!

I just wanted to behold your face,
Calm and composed, full of love;
I just wanted to meet your gaze,
One last time, in the weather restless..

Perhaps, you didn't have that time-
I see you approach that now calm shore,
holding some hand, that's definitely not mine!
Wh.. What should I do now?
See my lover eloping away from me?
I didn't want to see any more!

As I walk towards that restless storm,
brushing my tangles, brushing my nose..
The tides are engulfing me- I feel so warm
(I don't know why?)
So peaceful- I don't have to feel, to see or cry!

The tides are singing me a lullaby,
As I suddenly feel peace, so close.
I know it's time to bid goodbye,
As with peace, I go forever to doze..

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