A wild boar once, committed itself to hard penance. For it heard somewhere that doing so will compel God to appear and he would grant your wish. So it stood on one leg, for days to please God.

And God was indeed pleased, to see such a devoted pig. On the third day he appears before the wild boar. And the boar pronounces the desperate wish – “I want to be a MAN”.

Now let’s not forget that GOD is still very pleased with this pig, hence he chooses to make it easy for the pig, “Sure Son, you shall be a man and to make things easy I will put you in India. Oh, let’s say DELHI, that way you can be a MAN and still keep up with your nature”

That pig that day set off a trend, and many pigs now in some distant jungle are standing up on one leg to please GOD. So that they can be born as a MAN in INDIA. So that they can be the pigs they are and still fall under the umbrella of human race.

Now, now, DO NOT CONCLUDE for a minute that all Indian men are pigs. I am not saying that. There are a few who are genuinely human. Dutiful citizens, loving fathers, caring husbands, adoring lovers, responsible sons- but there are only a few. In fact, I am afraid that, that pure race is going to be extinct soon.

Now, the obvious next question – how do we identify the “MAN MADE OUT OF PIG”?
It’s simple - these are the men that have no humanity in them. They are Rapists, Molesters, Criminals, and Murderers. They have never learnt human values, never learnt to respect women. They are the set of people who pray to Goddess Laxmi every day, but won’t wait a minute to insult a women. They are the pigs who set out with an AK 47 on crowded stations.

And these pigs have each other’s back, you see, they are all from the same caste. It’s even easier to identify them on social network, news room debate, and of course the HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT these days. They are the lot who throw logic out of a debate by just using words like “Dharm (religion)”, “Maryada(honour)”, “sanskar”, “sampradaay”, and other rubbish words which mean traditions and customs. They make fun of candle marches. They get angry when they see an Indian Girl smoking or going to a pub or even a late night movie. They believe women are incapable, dumb and even shout/snap at their wives in public. They say, reason for rape is the girls outfit.

Yes it’s true, in India we live among many such pigs. It’s high time that we accept this fact. It’s foolish to get angry on some foreign national for calling India, the rape country or calling Delhi as the “Rape Capital”. It is the truth. Close to a hundred women in India would get raped today, everyday – THIS IS THE TRUTH. And I do not even have the right statistics for how many girl children will be killed on the day they are born, how many minors will be sold in flesh market, how many brides would be burnt for dowry - I do not know. You know what is even more shameful, that even the authorities don’t know.

We have to give up living in denial and introspect these set of values we live by. It’s for each one of us to ask “AM I A PIG”, or “DO I LIVE BY THE RULES SET UP BY A PIG”

My resolution for this New Years is not to think twice before “Calling a pig, a PIG.”

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