It is said that “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic’’. The power of the written word is enormous. When we think of ‘writing’ or expressing ourselves in general, it can seem like a quite arduous, daunting and a practically impossible task which can be emotionally, and mentally taxing. For a lot of us when we think of penning down feelings or opinions we may be transported back to those days at school when that snobbish English teacher of ours used to give us the most dreaded task of writing an essay. And that piece of homework couldn't be done without divine intervention (and by divine intervention I mean , either your elder sibling or that super studious and sincere friend of yours or your multi-talented mother who was always there). Gosh! I still remember those days. And I have written this not only to convince people who read this but myself as well that expressing and writing isn't rocket science. It is so much simpler than you think and I say this for EVERYBODY.

As a person whose mind is filled with fears due to anxiety writing gives me strength that is superior to anything else in life. Writing has a cathartic effect. It is like having my favorite food (Nachos with cheese, I’m thinking about you), it leaves you invigorated without the calories. Twin benefits there, you see.

But seriously, writing which in my opinion is the greatest means of expression, can have a significant impact on what we feel like and how we perceive the world. In those difficult days of life when you feel weighed down by the burden of an endless monologue that keeps circling in your mind, writing can always come to your rescue. Okay! It might not solve the problem that you are facing but it most certainly can make you feel vindicated and even make things clearer. Words have the great ability to influence action in your lives. They lift you, energize you, with a force so powerful that it equips you to face even the most difficult situations in life. Come on!, we all know that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Many a times we are either too lazy, too conscious of being judged or are simply undermining the impact writing can have on our lives. Further, the problem arises when we want our compositions to meet up certain standards, which is a great ambition to have but that shouldn’t stop you from writing in the first place. Every mind, in my view, that is active and feels emotions is capable of writing. Writing is multi-dimensional and it can range from simple scribbling away your emotions on a crappy piece of paper or in my case on Microsoft-word to great works of absolutely genius authors.

So, grab that piece of paper and let the pen paint away your Oh-so-beautiful canvas of thoughts. The only person preventing you from experiencing the pleasure of writing is you, yourself. Go ahead, start writing.

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