she was there neatly folded.
Sandwiched but visible in the rack:
not so appealing but perfectly woven.

Every now and then I glanced at her, convincing myself not to get pacified.

I took a better pair and paid, out of the limit which i had set.
A cool guy grabbed her tightly, with a huge smile he went to try quickly.

The bill already heavily paid, don't know why i still stood there.

He came out wearing her,
she couldn't have fit anyone else better.

Though they looked perfect together,
i convinced myself they didn't.
Grabbing my pair tighter,towards exit I sprint.

Very soon my pair weared away,
i couldn't return as it was bought in a sale.

I ran to the store in a haste,
to grab her, even though not my taste:

wearing her, the guy was still there.
With anger i felt my rising hair.

I snatched her and moved, finally she was close to me.
But there was a price tag, which i didn't see.

By the cashier i was greeted,
LOVE, CARE, HONESTY and COMMITMENT on the price tag i expected.

There was nothing such, and my eyes shocked.

She was perfect, I was perfect but WE were not,
"EVEN SHE DESERVES A CHOICE" was a foot note.

With LOVE,CARE, HONESTY and COMMITMENT in my debit card.
I sat in the store like a confused retard.

Unable to give up on her,
with the rarest price-tag ever.

Tags: Poem

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