He was born with sparkling eyes, pale skin and a high nose...
He undoubtedly was one of a kind... handsome, generous and brainy..!
He had an undying and dangerous dream though... a dream to rule
For which he was praised by naivety and ignorance, who failed to see the hidden cost

When his daughter was born, she, like her mother, was genuinely turned into one of his subjects… "Your father is a born king!" they said.
Her dreams started to suffer because she was fed that his were more important

She was happy and content with whatever little she had… but he couldn't see it… he made her used to the luxuries that were never really hers to claim…

She widened her space… because he wanted to build a castle
She wanted to lead a normal life… but he wanted her to be a princess
She soon realized how pricey his aspirations were… but he wouldn't budge
She saw the pillars of the castle shaking… but he kept building on
She tried to reason, and was immediately silenced... lest his dreams and ego would shatter
She tried to go out and bring help... but was held back… how could she leave? After all SHE was his ego
She wanted to show him the mirror... but how could she... "If it was not for him, we would have been a typical middle class family!"
She couldn't understand... "How would it be a bad thing?".
She stayed and helplessly watched his castle collapse… over and over
She knew what was going wrong … but nobody would listen… “Your dad knows better, don’t you think!”
She saw him cussing over the responsibilities he himself had pulled on
All this time he kept cursing his life and looked at her like a liability

Every debate would end with “I am doing all this for you! How ungrateful can you be?”
And every tear rolling down her cheeks would shout a single cry,
“I never wanted you to hurt, I never asked for any of this.”

Tags: Women, King, Dream

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