Peace. Love. Faith. Harmony - Words that used to describe mankind and life on Earth were replaced by wars, hatred, mistrust, and incongruity. Nations once vowed brotherhoods now endlessly sent fires to each other, robbing the resources to secure valuable commodities for themselves. Mankind hated each other for being different, not able to see the fact all of them are alike. Religions fought in an extreme way, believing only their worshiped beings can save the humanity. Natural disasters destroyed the so-called "advanced technology", wiped away thousands of lives in just a tidal wave. Wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and super cyclonic storms came one after another, caused widespread destruction and lots of collateral damages. The animals died from unknown causes and left behind a trail of carcasses and poisonous gas that killed others. However, there were animals somehow ingested the poison and eventually evolved into new species named “Zomalia,” and they started preying on human flesh and blood to exist.

It is obvious the world is in its worst sickness, and it seems like there will be no cure. Who knows what led to this calamity? People asked, but they were too busy surviving to find the answer.

In the desperation, humans declined to wait for their ending. Scientists grouped together and figured out a way to recreate a similar ecosystem to Earth from the last plants available. However, the cost of making such a live-able place is ironically high. Fresh air becomes a luxury commodity that only wealthy individuals can pay to breathe. Prices for estates coated with greenness soars as skyrockets. Thus, the governments decided to build walls surrounding the place and start selling the tickets, and only a limited amount of people who paid the ridiculous price can secure a spot in that artificial paradise. With that being said, the society has divided into two classes: Outsiders and Insiders.

Insiders are mostly government-related individuals and people with overwhelmed money and power. In contrast, Outsiders are literally people who cannot afford the price. However, being poor does not mean that they will accept the reality and wait for their deaths. Outsiders sneaked to climb over the walls even though they might have to lose their lives. Many people lost to the fire guns before they could even touch the tip of the walls, but they never stopped.


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