Well, they say a proposal is the most beautiful moment in any relationship.. So here's my experience of the same..

I wonder why my mind is always in a rush
Not able to gather strength for long enough

It's so loud inside my head
With words I haven't said

But I'm scared I will lose you as a friend
And that all my dreams will come to an end

My body is shivering from head to toe
I have no idea what I'll do if its a no

But still I try and fight this fear
Coz this moment is for you my dear

I have been waiting for this moment for a year
And finally our moment of love seems so near

I hope I am looking decent and fine
Coz today I will make you completely mine

As you come upstairs our eyes meet
The moment I look at you my heart skips a beat

I take your hand and go down on my knees
As I look at you my heart comes back to ease

Looking into your eyes I open my heart
Our time has come, no longer do we stay apart

I don't know if I am too late
I don't know why I made you wait

But trust me its all for you
Coz I'm the one made for you

My mind says you're the best one I've ever seen
My heart promises to treat you like a queen

In you I see my love my life
Your just so perfect my future wife

The love I have for you will never end
My serene, will you be my girlfriend???

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