"2 ****** lights dena boss..Ek Machis aur 2 mint"
yes..i was standing at a paan bidi shop.. (here I did not mention the name of the smoke brand..
u never know for what you get sued in this country.. so I thought its safe censoring it..)
Fuck I was never so much confused and frustrated in my life. for the first time I was going to smoke out of frustration.
and the worst part was I did not know what the frustration was all about. it often happens that you feel low. you feel that you have lost all the battles. you feel life is so unfair. you feel yourself put into a cage fight against The Undertaker. plus you do not have the keys. sometimes there is no reason to all this.
you just feel low. so to get back on track we often do weird things in life.
I was in a terrible phase where I was fighting with my inner self over my decisions taken about my career.
even though I knew that everything would fall in place later.
I was in too much panic.
so I ran.
the most annoying part is I always think that life is a movie and every moment is a scene.
Yeah I know its a good line but the my ideology is that I literally see life that way.
I feel there will always be a background music and il get a golden opportunity. its like u r having a cutting tea somewhere and suddenly a director walks to you and asks you would you work in my film opposite Kate Winslate. and dhan tadannn.. your a star.
but it never happens.
This is how I had lost my girl friend. we dated but I always told her that I never fell in love with you.
just because breeze did not blew and there were no guitars playing in the background. how fucking stupid I could have been.

So back to me and my ciggrates.

I took them and I walked up to my favorite garden in my town. where no one comes.
only few nerds come to study during exam times because it is quiet a quiet place to study.
plus you get a sea facing view cause it is on a hill.

so the very first thing as I entered the garden I did was I lighted the cigrate.

I walked through the bushes. and I was smoking in style. Trying to think whats going wrong in life. but I was actually thinking this cig seems duplicate doesn't match the flavor of the original one.
I walked more inside the garden I saw a guy with a book in his hand reading under a tree.
that was the only tree in that particular space. he seemed like newton or Einstein to me. any way one of them had discovered telescope.
so coming back to point he was studying and I sat 2 feets away from him. I guy him a smile and continued to smoke.

later I started talking to the guy though we both were Indians I pretended its a Hollywood movie scene and I am Danny Archer(Leonardo Di Caprio - for those who don't know the sweet guy who drowned in Titanic just because James Cameron wanted a sad ending) from blood diamond and he is Solomon Vandy (I don't know who is he) so I said..

"so you studying up here bru..ha?"

first he took a look at me and noticed why is this guy with a cigrate in his mouth talking to me in this accent..

after few seconds he came back to consciousness and replied.

' yup I am a biology student he said"

"great for you bru ha..i suggest you should read sex stories incest ones you would get more from it eh?"

with my annoying reply he just stood and started walking off..
" You see this red soil bru..this is home you never gonna leave India."

within seconds he disappeared hearing this line. thinking that I am a new well educated retard.

I was alone now so I sat at his place under the tree.. by that time I had finished my first cig.

still I had not figured out what went wrong or what is going wrong

so I quickly took my 2nd cig out. looking at the sea trying to feel breeze on my face. I kept my phone on the side cause I wanted to give myself some time. 5 minutes after looking at the sea. I thot of putting up a status. may be that might make me feel better I said. that's what we do
we feel sad- put status

we are happy- put status

we break up-put status

we patch up-put status

we eat- status

we sleep-status

we drive with friends- status

we travel in bus-status

we sick- status

I feel that people have started feeling a lot since there is a FEELING option on Facebook status

so here was my status

"when sun shines on sea, it gives you a view of infinite pearls.. feeling determined #sea #inspiration"
in 2 mins I got a comment " dude it has so deep meaning"

well, I am gonna ask this guy the deep meaning surely. cozz I dint find any

soo what the fuck.. I smoked I put up status I still dint feel better

then worst thing I started talking to myself loudly.to make sure no one sees me like that and finds it weird and out pf the world I started pretending that m talking on phone and then I was talking to meee..

"don't worry bru everythings gonna fall in place..you need to achieve something you need to work hard to work hard you need to dream to dream you need to sleep. go home and sleep bru..

oh stop talking this nonsense.. dreams wont let you sleep..wake up..wake up sid..

oh shut up you are not ranbir kapoor. get into reality.. no imtiaz ali is gonna come and sign you for his film..

no bru feel the spontaneity in you.. feel the startdom in you.. you are the best.. go out put your best and find your place in society..

you fu#cker your place Is at home..stop pretending that you are on call..stop being a maniac a psychic.."

oh god knew what I was trying to do.

after an hour I thought that I still did not figure out what was wrong.. I scratched my head..

suddenly my phone rang...
before taking it out of my pocket I thought "oh fuck is this the movie moment?? is my life gonna change after this call?? is this jobless struggler gonna get a break?? is it a directors call??"

I took the phone out.. it was an unknown number..
with all the hope and praying to late Yash Ji.. I picked up the phone..

And those words said on phone raised my spirit high. and I was Back.
I picked up and a guy said..

" Kidhar hai ch#tiyaa..phone kaha daal k rakkha hai.. jaldi aaja.. akshay party de raha hai.. uska break up hogaya.. use rone k liye kandho ki jarurat hai.. "

and I ran

I ran like it was the happiest day of my life..

note: this story is completely fiction story. and we do not intend to harm anyone neither Einstein nor Newton or the telescope.

statutory warning. : cigrate smoking is injurious to health. it causes cancer..

and sorry I do not know the spelling of cigrates

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