The soft fur, the brown shades

Innocent eyes and no knowledge of fear

Today in the morning, in golden sun rays,

A puppy came near, very near

I grabbed him, he was shivering

I looked here and there to help him out

In the warmth of sun rays I put him

He started playing, with pebble and sprout

He was staring at me, inviting me to play

Jumping towards me, running back

Waving his little tail, folding little ears

Taking his head out of the rack

I folded a paper, roll it and threw

The puppy looked me and run

Ran to hold the roll, rolled in the mud

I went inside to bring some milk and bun

Puppy ate it, drink it like hungry from ages

And his eyes were smiling, satisfied and satiated

Then he ran out of the house, happy and agile

Left me and some thoughts, needed to be contemplated..

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