Where should I look for it??

in my cupboard or beneath my bed

or inside the junkyard of my head

should I wander out and look

or should I search it in a book

should I look for it in my store room

or try to find it in craters of moon

should I empty my pockets

or go in search to other planets via rockets

should I hunt for it in a forest's silence

or seek for it in a street violence

should I investigate for it deep in a sea

or should I look across the sky where it can possibly be

should I ask my parents where to find

or should I seek god who might be a bit kind

Where in the world should I stop my hunt??

I've run miles and miles looking for it

and dug deep in earth, but I didn't find even a bit

but then I saw my little child smile

and thus ended my search and long exile

I found it in her innocent face

which was full of perfection and grace

also I found it in an old man's good wishes

and in my little kitten's kisses

and finally in the delight of my friends and dear ones

and undisturbed from the worldly noise and sound of the guns

the happiness I was searching for , I found so near

its a treasure that I'll always cherish and take care

in search of it I really made a mess

but this is how ended the pursuit of my happiness

the priceless things that you search in the world are just besides

your true happiness only circling you hides..................

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