What is it that you fear? 

What is it that you lie about? 

What is it that you cease to hear? 

What is it that you don't want to be found? 


Why do you hide our real selves? 

Why do you judge so much? 

Why do you have so many definitions? 

Why do you need what you need? 


Where does anger come from? 

And from where does love? 

Where does a dream gets started? 

Where does the dead live? 


Who enters your thoughts when you're alone? 

Who carries your heart? 

Who has your soul intervened with his'? 

Are all your "whos" the same? 


Does the twilight make you sad? 

Does all the words in the world still mean that same? 

Does the cold reckon colder now? 

Does the eye seldom drop a tear? 


How do you put down 'all' of your guards? 

How do you bury your heart into something? 

How do you give life to the lifeless livings? 

How do you answer these questions? 

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