I feel I need a hug so badly.
I'm surrounded by people, but I feel lonely...
Infact, I might need a kiss.
And I know just the right person...Je.
Or maybe they're two: he plus Caeser.
I feel so crushed. Don't know what caused it.
Three guys are turning my head right now......they plus Cosmic.
There's a fourth puppy.....Robert, but he's just not qualified.
How can I be drawn to you when I don't even know you??
Sorry, Robert, I'm gonna have to let you go sooner than you expect.
Then there's a fifth guy I'm definitely craving for.....Troy.

I'm so damn desperate......I don't know what to do.
Maybe it's bc I didn't hear from Caeser today.
And Je didn't give me the excess attention he gave yesterday.
Cosmic talked to me......he needed someone to talk to.....he was down.
M happy I made him feel a lot better.
Yeah, I did mighty.

Tags: #confusion

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