Tick Tock the Clock!
Attention! Attention Everybody!
This is the Doc,
The doctor of Rap,
Awaken from the Nap,
on his wife's lap,
To write Crap!
Fill in the gap! Chap!
You ain't know how to rap!

This is life! You Struggled..
but I learned to Smuggle!
I jumped in your bowl of noddle!
and stole your game!
What a shame!
I want to make a name!
The strategy ain't lame...
but that's life..
you don't get to sleep,
with your neighbor's wife...
You can strife..
but I can't be stabbed with a knife,
Because you'll get fucked up,
In Mr.Cop's Lock up..

Blame me later, Who the hell cares?
For now you read this Rap!
Yo! the rap of Life...
Life is fun,
spent under the sun,
by a lake somewhere,
to eat a bun,
alongside your girlfriend,
with a gun!
And some Puns!
And the ability to stun!
Ain't that fun?
To text, Flex, undress
and obviously have sex!
Also have a dog Called "Rex"!
Ain't that fun? Ain't it?

Tags: Rap, Humor

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