I checked my Watch, it was 6:30 pm. I Started my Bike and reached her tution at 6:46 pm. After a wait of 10 minutes, she came, from the other side of the road. I saw a glimpse of her. I eagerly try to make a look at her, but I failed. "Ah! why does Trisha and Deepali are escorting her like that", I asked my fuzzy brain. Wooh! after passing a bunches of vehicles, finally I saw her, she took my breath away, she was looking so snazzy. She was wearing a Plain red suit, with a stunning Peacock design on it with a yellow Dupatta. Actually the irony was that she was more gorgeous than the peacock design.
She was coming closer and closer to me. Finally, She noticed me. She gave me a surprise look. I smiled, she smiled back. We made an eye contact, but she blushed and faded her eyes away. That was not the greatest part of our meeting, because I wanted to be lost in her beautiful and sparking eyes.
"Swaranjali go, your Ankitansh has come", Trisha said and starts grinning. Deepali joined her and they starts laughing in a girly manner. Swaranjali came to me and we started to walk. She said,' So, you are Ankitansh, hmm right ?' I laughed and said,'do you still need any proof ?" She joined me and starts laughing. We kept on moving and we were talking on general topics to keep the coversation light. Suddenly, I stopped and hold her hands. "What happen?" she asked me eagerly.
"Did you know why does I came here ?" I asked her.
She replied,"Yes! you told me earlier that you wanted to meet me, as we are chatting, since for a quite long time."
"No, that's not the single reason. I just same here to tell you something." I replied.
"What?", she asked.
"Umm... from the first day when we became friends on that social networking site, I'm dreaming about you and me and when I came to know that you are Trisha and Deepali's tution batchmate, I hav asked almost everything about you from them."
She interruptes and said,"your classmates leak someones information. How creepy they are?" and starts grinning in an unmannered way.
"Haha! Don't talk like that about them. They are you besties". I said.
"Ignore them, Dude you carry on!" She replied.
"Swaranjali, now the scene is that... umm ", I said.
She laughed and said"Don't be shy my guy, You dumbo tell me what''s the scene is about."
"Umm.. Swaranjali, I think that I have made out a huge crush on you and now I wants to be with you for whole of my life" I replied her hesitatingly.
"Deepali had told me earlier that you are a kind of a Shy guy, I think that we are good friends, but you did this to our friendship. You have broken my trust on you. Umm.. I had not expected it Ankitansh, but did you know one thing?", she said.
"What?", I asked.
"It's nothing more cute than seeing a shy guy proposing a girl and you are proposing me, awww... that' s so sweet of you", she said.
"But, before a moment ago you were saying that I have broken your trust and now you are finding this cute. I'm not getting this", I replied back in a confused manner.
"Haha! err! you Dumbo, forget that, I just loves you. My baby", She said and starts hugging me.
I hug her back and said," thank you so much Swaranjali. You made me day, my baby. I just love you".
We went back to my bike. Swaranjali sat back on my bike. I started my bike and went on . I asked her," Is this is your first time?". 'Hell no, I usually bunks my tution', she replied, and hugs me tight. I increased the speed of the bike. "Do you want me to hug you more tightly?", she asked to me. "Haha! yes ofcourse', I replied back. Instead of hugging me more tightly she starts to tickling me. We move on.

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