Oceans across, light years ahead,
soaring in the skies, the motivational brigade,
is what we dream always, what we desire,
emotions albeit, unknowingly set them ablaze!

The wonderful view of the capsule at the gaze distant,
the smile that can equal the travel around the equator,
Oh! Yes, somewhere within there's a light of realization,
That enlightening, endearing glow sauntering over.

Growing up in the decades, yet to achieve,
yet to dream, yet to set that resonating beauty!
The scores of the music reverberates,
playing a perfect hymn, an ode to life!

Walking along the shores, with the million steps,
million more to come, the time recalling, grace,
these million steps were just pat of growing up,
now may not be, every step thus brilliant!!

Two things in life matter the most,
The birth, which every other individual 'accomplishes',
With the cry for the life ahead which he never understands,
Years growing, start encircling the mammoth monoliths of muddles!!

He learns the nuances, witnesses pain, experiences agony,
wonders imaginations, waits for the time, plans for the dreams,
But isn't this 'mantra' of success compiled to efforts put through,
The endearing roller-coaster of 'silence' and 'chaos' affected?
Yes, It's easy to decipher what life is, improbable to understand!

The other important thing, is understanding the purpose of a birth,
We all tend to defy this second thing, it all ends up in a grunt!
Conjoining truces with dreams and life! Internal happiness? Lost!
Ending up waiting for the time, satisfaction never tying up!

I was born!! I am Happy,
Why was I born? Still in pursuit!
Yes I'm a teenager, Yet to dream,
Difficult it may seem,
The resonating beauty is yet to manifest!

Two important things that happen to us,
the birth and the purpose of my birth!!
The quest shall never finish off-road,
The goal shall appear!!

Oceans across, light years ahead,
soaring in the skies, the motivational brigade,
The walk along the shore shall continue,
in companionship with the soul!!

Tags: Peace

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