I am waiting for my turn.It must have happened a hundred times with me.Yet even those hundred times haven't yet taught me to face the situation with a positive attitude.Fear grasps hold of me.I can feel my heart pounding,my stomach groaning aloud.My mind doesn't belong to me anymore.I feel as if my entire blood is shunted to my feet with all my knowledge and right now the only thing that fills my mind is fear.
Finally my name is called.I enter the room.I try to build a masked facies.I sit there still,staring in the devil's eyes.I do that usually.No matter how much fear I have in my mind,I never look down or up.I look straight into his eyes.The devil stares back.
So what is your name?he asks.
So Anvesha have you always wanted to become a doctor?
Yes sir,always.
Well,we'll just see,he says with a sly smile.Fine,fine let's go ahead.So Anvesha tell me,if you see a guy on a road with a seizure attack what is the first thing you would like to do.
Sir,I would like to maintain ABC.
How does CPR vary in a drowned person from a person with a seizure attack?
Sir in a seizure attack,the person must be made to lie in a lateral position first.
I don't know.
And then he shoots at me questions from every angle.All I say,I don't know.
So Anvesha,you have ALways wanted to become a doctor.
His sarcasm echoes inside my mind.
I say yes.
You may leave now.
Thank you sir.

I come out,my mind relieved of fear.Yet his voice still echoing,word by word.And then his questions come back tome.Of course a person with a seizure attack is made to lie in a lateral position in order to avoid aspiration.I know all his answers now.The very fear of losing,made me lose.The very fear of performing bad,even after knowing everything,made me perform bad.My head had failed me.I am angry at myself.I know perfectly well I had not done what I should have done

It's all the mental aspect that governs a champion from a merely knowledgeable person.It's the head that counts.You control your head,you can control your entire body.It's like this law of attraction ,as described in this lovely book The Secret.You think positive,you attract positive,you do positive,you get positive.Many people work hard,many people know a lot about their respective fields,yet their are just very few who get what they totally deserve.These are those very few who have trained their minds according to every situation.They never let go.Never.

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