I was flipping through FB pages yesterday when one post caught my attention. A friend of mine, who's not so bent on posting anything usually, had shared it.

I stared at the photo of a pretty young woman. She lay on the ground...her legs over the curb. She seemed to be sleeping. Her shirt was pulled up, her knickers pulled down to her knees...thankfully her shame covered by a piece of cloth by some sympathetic onlooker.
She lay still. I wondered what it was about. Something was written attached to the photo.

It seems she was flirting with a good looking boy at a late night party. She drank and drank. She woke up next morning in the guy's room. In a bathtub filled with ice to the brim. Apparently her drinks had been laced. Her honour had been stolen in the night.

A sharp,terrrible pain like a knife slashing her back hit her. She called the police. They found a deep gash across her back. Her kidneys had been stolen too. It was a racket happening in the Philippines. The post warned girls of the same.

One guy commented. He was surprised to see this picture on his friend's wall. "If these girls go flirting after guys and ultimately get themselves drunk...they have no one else to blame. But themselves." He remarked.

Friends, I don't wish to judge. But isn't there some truth in his statement?
Do you agree?

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