"To watch a 5D Movie? With you?" I asked, both excited at the idea but afraid. After mistakes, this is the last thing you want to occur, at the darkest of an auditorium, and most dreadful when you have got to sit on the corner seats. Of course, it's romantic, but who knows exactly when a normal man turns insane?
He assured me nothing was there to fear about, and so we went inside, flashbacks of past incidents haunting me. Would he again break my trust? I didn't know. Even I didn't have the guts to know. I felt desperate need to run away from the scene, but as my poor luck would have it, there was Rinky to nudge me to keep quiet and get inside.
So we paid the fees and got the tickets, I making a face.
He looked at me, with sad eyes, I turned towards him.
"You don't believe me, right?" He asked, his face down, perhaps with guilt because of whatever he had done.
I was unsure of what to reply, so as not to hurt him.
"Who said that? Dear, it's not like that. I do believe you. Else, why should I be here with you after the Farewell party?" I asked, nervous, yet hiding it behind my smile.
He was still not convinced. "Then why are you so insecure?"
I kept quiet. "You already know what I keep on saying. It's the 'control' I fear about, as I always tell you. You never heard, you made a joke, yet.. you remember that incident.." My voice trailed off.
He looked at me, his eyes all moist. "You were right. I am sorry." He said, apologetically. "So, You wanna go?"
I smiled a little, as I entered the show, and to our surprise, hoots followed! My whole class was present there.
"Pakde gye do premi!"
"I caught them red-handed!"
they shouted, as I became red as an apple.
He pulled me towards a corner seat reserved for us by my friends, as I sat down, He helping me out with my things. I looked at him, it was the last time we were meeting. All four years have finally come to an end, yet it's so difficult to make love come to an end. Near future didn't know what our fate was, nor were we familiar, whether we would ever be together or not, yet a promise bound us till date, the promise of commitment, of love, forever, till eternity.
I would surely miss him. Would he? Life's too short, yet we focus on indifferences which creates differences and results in difficulties of paths of relationships. Why not eliminate all these? Why can't I still not forgive him, why not enjoy what we'd missed?

The lights turned off, it was beginning.
"It's gonna be scary!" He said, winking.
'And so you purposely brought me here!' I thought, irritated.
And so it was, I was frigging afraid, and couldn't think of anything else except for holding his hands. But then the seats all bent.
"OH MY GOSHH!" I screamed as I held him by his shoulders.
"Hold me this way too!"
"W-H-A-TT?" He looked confused. Was I saying this?
I soon recovered, realising what I just meant.
"I mean, I am afraid." I said, simply. He came a little closer, as he kissed my cheeks gently, holding my hands.
"Nothing to be afraid of, I am here." He smiled. I wondered, he wouldn't be with me physically forever, perhaps that day was the last time we were together. Without phone, internet, it was difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Yet, heart never listens. Heart never understands difficulties, yet we still follow it. It's quite weird to see how you slowly become a slave of the heart.
Whatever, I pushed my thoughts aside, holding him tighter.
"Ouchh!" He screamed. "You're hurting me!"
He laughed at me. "Look at your 3D glasses!"
Sure! The nose-piece was on my eyes. I seemed embarrassed, and helpless, with my one hand holding him out of fright, and the other one clutching all our goodies. He smiled gently as he adjusted it, his fingers accidentally touching my lips. We kissed, that last kiss.
My mind playing the tune from an old bollywood film,
"Lag jaa galey,
Ke phir yein
Haseen raat ho na ho...
Shayad phir iss janam mein,
Mulaakat ho na ho.."

The last time we met. It was amazing, the way we met, the way we fell in love, and the way we were separating out, just like kids, full of immaturity, full of kiddishness in both of us, eyes full of tears, I had to finally let go of his hand, with only memories of him with me, and a little hope of staying in touch forever.

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