Have thee ever imagined?
How soothing it is?
The tranquility,
Thee bring upon me.

The synonymous divinity,
Emanating in thou presence.
Thou power to heal
The desecrated me.

With a touch, celestial
A tone, luscious
Than the Shepherd himself.
Me’s reluctant to look
Right through thou eyes.

Thou gaze, so serene
Than the Valley itself
Me-soul quivers in thou presence
As me cannot stand
Thou profound aura
Of illuminative self

The cosmic seclusion
Thee practice
Yet so revealing
Like the mirror.

Me see the impression
Of me rugged soul
A reflection so sharp
That me can almost discover
Me edgy and porous self.

And then me realize
That thee be the only one
Who could show me
What me really is.

Unlike the twisted self o’me
That me see in every next being
Making me believe
A fallacious tale of me eminence
To reap rewards out of it.

Thee make me realize
Me is what me was born
Naked, vulnerable, free.

And only me should be
The one, responsible
To earn the cotton me deserve
To fight me way through
And to cultivate me freedom.

A man wants great many things
He’s afraid
And it’s thee who make him realize,
That it’s only by accepting
Who he really is,
Can he achieve what he really wants.

Me is the man
And thee, the mirror
Me respects thee.
For thou piousness.

For thee inculcates a true sense
Of self-exploration
And in a way
Self resurrection.

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