In the favor of dead plights,
masking as power-ridden strides;
Wish to saunter through weakness,
envisioned to repair and form the bliss!

Like the shadow that never disappears,
even when the waters cover up the shore;
Stands still, incoherent to the raves of the seas,
it follows, the mistakes idealize, problems galore.

Wherever I go, the shadow follows,
proving the guilt I own,
Sometimes I ponder,
The weight of the blunders grown!

Happening it is, as directed by life,
the memories shall never be forgotten,
there is this insecurity that hollows me;
Of moving away, Missing you, life turning to get rotten!!

As every human being is entitled to,
I had my biggest share of mistakes,
hampering your life, thoughts,
nothing to have been thought at stakes!!

Bye, I refrain from saying this,
I need to start up as a new individual,
yesterday you were with me, I was happy,
today I need to fake being happy, Truth, minds at dual!!

'The good things fall apart,
for the better things need to take over',
You explained me, I broke, was standstill,
But then I had realized!

Yes, I have hurt you, I have gone over limits,
Trust me, all these were just out of compassion,
Never did I wish ill of you, I know it's all away from your grit,
To learn these and understand the reasons!!

One thing is for certain, The shadow named guilt,
shall always find my back, instigating me of the past,
No matter how happy I seem in the present, just a fake suit,
Which shall in a course of time, fade away, fast!

Till the remorse kills me, I'll try the smile to be the one splendorous,
This lonely walk through life, the shadow ever following,
I believe I'll commit no such wrongs, faith stupendous,
Till then I would walk along this seashore, waters in symphony,
And the wait for your return, always my dream!!

Tags: Loss

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