Rarest of an occaision arise, when some things stir your soul to unimaginable depths of consciousness & titilate that thinking corner of your brain so gracefully yet vigorously. Felt it long ago, the day I finished 'The immortals of Meluha' & 'The secret of the Nagas' & I knew this was going 2 be one heck of a period saga that is so very pedantic & convincing in every aspect & as thrilling as any Dan Brown piece, Although the same was found with even more glory to Amish's writing, in 'The oath of the vayuputras', yet it gave me the kind of conclusion I truely awaited. It puts up a mirror with respect to the epic story of Shiva, & makes us see the current scenario of our society. Myths busted, reinvented & rationalised. I always have delighted in Philosophy as an esoteric art & science of truth. Amish makes it mainstream. He uses every trail of Lord Shiva's life as we have known, transformed it into a much relevant structure, & infused it into the Life of an extraordinary person- Shiva. In the end, its magnificent how he ties all the loose ends of the story to completely replicate it into the saga of Lord Shiva, but in terms of spirituality & virtue. Hail this bestseller.Much beyond the antics of the ex-Indian bestseller writer(dn't find it is safe to take his name :-P) who made a gimmick out of the art of writing a novel...! Finally a fiction that makes the english readers of India proud.

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