Once upon a time there was a kingdom. People residing there had immence prejudice about their culture and their values that they are the best amongst those of all kingdoms. They loved their system, rather they loved themselves.
This so-called happy picture was ruined when a girl was raped by a group of men. It stirred the society. Everybody vociferated anger. Protest rallies were conducted. Every news channel arranged debates on this issue. Some days passed and there was one more rape. Followed by another one after some more days. Soon came a situation when people stopped paying attention to such incidents. Rather they became so much used to it that they found interest in other all time favourite issues like corruption, bomblasts and filmi gossips.
Amongst such people there lived a supreme court judge who was proud to have sentenced many criminals the strictest punishments, which included rapists too. On the evening of his retirement, he kept boasting of his career so far and the person listening to him was none other than his 8 year old grandson. All his jactitations were squandered when the little innocent child asked,
"Grandpa, given that you spent all your life punishing rapists, it means it must be a glamourous business like smuggling and match fixing. So when I will be able to rape someone? And will your contacts be helpful to me in order to escape from any punishment?
The child never understood why his grandfather kept mourning in his room all the evening. His was the shortest story which marked the tragedy of his life, or rather of the whole system which was proud of it's jurisprudence.

Tags: Short Story

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