I don't really know where to start from.School's over; No more a kid. It's time to take up responsibilities ; But does being in college or completing 18 yrs. on this planet mean that we're ready to face life ? As to that, all i can say is "I don't know". I'm not in college, you see, not at least till August nor am I 18 ; Just 17 and 11 months old.
So what is it ? The adulthood ?Is it not being excited about the rain or not being afraid of pain ? Is it the permission of staying out late or the burden of 'To-Do-Things' on your plate ?
Once again I Don't Know.
From a very young age I've been fascinated by this adulthood. I had this preconception , no rather Misconception that being adult means being free.
Now I know it's not a piece of cake.
For me, being adult,now, means being mature enough to know the difference between wrong and right. Accepting the fact, that what ever comes my way,the good or the bad, is because of Me and only Me.
It's not about finding our place; It's about creating it.It's about visualizing ourselves somewhere and taking steps towards that 'somewhere'. Way to our destinies don't find us nor do we stumble across it. Being adult,to me, is being capable of paving our own way to our 'somewhere'.
But then again, I'm not an adult now so I don't really know but yet, surprisingly, I can feel a wave of change sweeping me. It's a start of new Me...

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