Well, I have reached too early and am in no mood to work as of now as there are very few people in office due to Holi. So I decide to write a post about my current dilemma. The dilemma most entrepreneurs struggle to answer. Should I launch the product or should I wait some more and improve the product.

The dilemma is very obvious. If you launch too soon then people may not be impressed enough and may not return to use it again. If I keep waiting too long, I might be missing out on the traction opportunity during the waiting time. The product will never be perfect and you yourself will never be satisfied as there is always scope of improvement.

Also when you launch with a limited number of target audience the feedback keep coming for improvement and you are confused when to start the marketing as the feedback will never stop coming in and people will keep demanding for more features. If you wait too long to start marketing then that it would be wrong to term it a launch, buzz is gone.

Now when you plan to charge some money for the service and you actually want to start earning revenues the pre-launch pricing doesn't make much sense as the product is still under improvisation and the price that you set is for the finished product. Charging same price for a limited edition of the product is unfair to your conscience and raising the price later will have a negative reaction from the existing customers. One way around this issue is to offer discounts for the early adopters. Atleast one problem solved.

So everything boils down to perfect planning for the minimum viable product and to take the plunge. One or two product review and GO!!

In the end you have to take a call.

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