The spray of the ocean on the rocks below creates a sound that is reverberating in his head. The sound of wave after wave crashing against the rocky shore, down below represented his turmoil aptly. The ocean was trying as relentlessly as him to move the land back. It pushed, repeatedly with all of its force against the full stand of land. It pushed and heaved for one small opening so that it could exploit it. The land stood there impassive surrounded by the ocean, impressive yet unaffected. The ocean had its infinite strength at its disposal. It was an ever untiring force, one that never even paused for a second. However all that might and force at his disposal couldn’t move that rock. He couldn’t even enclose it in his arms. The tragedy was that, he only wanted to take the stone into his care, keep it safe, keep it warm and help it become strong while staying smooth. The ocean wanted the stone to turn itself to sand and become a part of him for all of eternity, inseparable and bound together for all of the time yet to come.
The sound of the surf was inviting to him from above. He was being enticed to let go from his current position high above and land into the spraying surf below. The sound of it was as desirable to him as a siren’s melody. She was as mellifluous as a flute at its utmost delicacy. We don’t just fall in love with someone just because of their looks or personality or character. What actually makes us love them is the way they express that character or personality. What makes us love or fall in love is the voice in which they express their thoughts. Their attitude is what makes us love that beauty and that character. The sound of that expression is so enticing to me just as a music from a Sirenum scopuli. The ocean in all of its , melody calls to me to lose myself in it. The ocean was as inviting to me as a cool drink is on a hot summer’s day in a desert. Its was like the elixir of life to a dying man. But as all things good come, it came with a catch.
The ocean invited me, it called me in with a gentle tone. I loved it, wanted it. I wanted to enter the ocean, master its waves, glide over her surface, sink into her depths and keep her close to me always. But the ocean had other plans. All it wanted from me was to drown me into her, drown me so deep that I wouldn’t have a chance of coming up. She wanted to drown me in her, laugh at me and tell me she was unattainable. That she wouldn’t belong to me, she wouldn’t let me conquer her. She was so close yet so far.
I looked down at her, crashing against the rugged coast, taunting me, mocking me. It was an agony to be so close to her, ye not being able to take decision on what to do. To walk off cooly, calmly as my head told me or to charge in, jump down and cross her vast length. To do whatever I could, to use everything in my arsenal to overcome her and make her mine. Each beat of my heart, just showed me how much each decision could affect me, how much each desire could burn thorough me. That fist sized organ was causing me more agony by longing for her than it could ever compensate for. It was a sweet agony nevertheless, but one I was finding very difficult to bear.
To hell with logic and the affairs of the mind. The cliff was to short a distance to have stopped him anyway. The air was exhilarating around as he took the leap down. As every heartbeat reverberated in him leapt with joy, as adrenaline pumped through his veins, he hit the wavy curvy surface. He wanted to conquer her, to be called her mister. He wanted to learn everyone of her darkest secret and in the end submerge every one of his senses and his soul into her. He wanted them to become one in body and in soul.
The ocean has her secrets. Each of her secrets are vast, deep and dark. Finding them, Learning about them and understanding them is in itself a monumental task. Swimming through her, learning her inside out might prove to be insufficient to earn her though. They say u can fight a war and come out of it without a scratch or scar to show. However when you fall in love with something like the ocean you never escape without at least a scar. It is one of the very few elements in this world which burns away at you like acid. You can try to conquer an ocean but for it you need infinite patience and infinite strength.
The patience and strength aren’t necessary when you fall in love but when you need the strength to continue. Loving someone isn’t a problem. It’s when that love isn’t reciprocated that there’ll be a problem. When you swim out into the open ocean at the beginning you don’t need the patience or strength but u rather need it in between. When you are caught in an ocean’s vast expanse not knowing whether there exists land before know how far you are from whence you started and left behind. That spot when you cant see a piece of land and are surrounded by the ocean all around. That spot when you don’t know if your feelings will be reciprocated. Not willing to go back after al that effort that you put in to get there. Being stuck in mid ocean, devoid of all that you wish for, not knowing how much farther u need to go or knowing exactly how far from land you have come. And in spite of all that not knowing if you would ever reach land or if you would attain the love of the ocean.
Having hope and being let down is one of the only blows that can be delivered to a human from which he finds it very difficult to recover from. But to live without hope is to be devoid of the basic fact that makes us human.

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