Author's Note:
This one is my longest poem to date :)
I know not many is going to read it fully,
But whoever does,
I hope you like it
Thank you.
Once upon a time,
When time was wild and young,
And the air was green and fresh,
Filled with lovely lively songs,
There wandered a worried and lonely knight,
Far away in a cursed land,
Out of sight of the highest hailing kite...

Once a fearsome fighter,
He fought for what he believed in.
Gifted with victorious fate,
Until the Devil defeated him.

The Devil was no fearsome fighter,
But boasted of an unseen arsenal.
The Devil trick trained the knight,
Into a sin so significantly fatal.

The knight was thus expelled,
Into the Land of Lonely Lambs.
A land so cursed,
It was inhabited by only unseen Devils,
And their unseen troublesome tribes.
These Devils made noises unheard,
Unheard by a lonely knight.

And so the Devils painted a picture,
A painting into the mind of the troubled knight.
That was a painting of Hell,
Of its raging flames and Pitiless Angels.
The Angels flogged the sinners,
Sinners, just like the knight.
They screamed in stupefying pain,
And were given boiling water,
To quench their everlasting thirst.

These sinners were burnt and hungry,
But Hell has no delicious apples.
They were fed intestines and drank urine,
That were thorny fruits unclassified by humans,
These fruits tore the throats of sinners,
And again they were flogged with unmatched force.

The Devils drew this picture with an intense love,
The knights cried the tears of shame and despair.
You are doomed, he was told by voices unheard,
You are bound for hell.
These voices laughed so loudly,
Their laughter traveled all over the world,

The Knight was filled with guilt,
A guilt intense and immense.
He had always been a man of faith
A faith that earned him the hatred of Devils.
With the painting of hell in mind,
And no rays of hope in sight,
The knight made a silent prayer in despair,
He prayed to the One he believed in,
He begged to be forgiven.

Minutes passed,
Nothing happened,
The Devils rejoiced,
The Devils danced.

Suddenly, a picture was painted,
Into the mind of the troubled knight.
It replaced the painting of hell gradually,
It was a painting of unmatched beauty,
Of castles high and birds yet unseen,
Of waterfalls and rivers of honey and wine,
Of wonderful women so beautiful,
Their beauty was unmatched on earth.

It was a painting that
Glimpsed at a sight of a mythical heaven.
A small bird chirped far above him,
He thought he smelled of perfume,
In this godforsaken Land.

The knight wiped his tears,
He has now a ray of hope.
With the pleasing painting in mind,
He began his journey,
Out of this cursed and corrupted land...

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