It was the first movie we watched together,
You asked me for the hangout :)
& then we planned to have a Gold seat.
Our movie hall was on 2nd floor,
We didn't take the lift,
Instead, we walked upstairs
Getting nearer to the hall we were excited
I was on cloud 9
Finally we reached our destination
Getting inside, i was unable to see anything, i could have fallen but then,
I got a hand, a soft one :)
Holding it i continued to enter. There was so dark
I was not feeling like leaving that arm.
Yes it was yours. :)
The helper showed us our seats.
We Sat over.
And then you looked at me, i looked at you.
'aise mt dekho' , i said
'Kyu kya hua', you asked
'Kyaa haii', i insisted
'Hahaha, okay', you accepted. be continued ;)

Tags: True Story

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