Yeah this topic is all about the THREE MAGICAL WORDS and those magical words are WHAT THE FUCK. Yup you read it right; it’s not about LOVE but FUCK. It’s been a couple of weeks in Mumbai and I realized that there is one more thing which is OMNIPRESENT here, EXCEPT GOD, and that is this magical word FUCK. People are so energetic and fascinating that they keep on FUCKING each and everything, I often wonder from where they get such ENORMOUS CAPACITY. Maybe that’s the reason most of the energy drinks are earning such a handsome profits…
The word is way more popular than many PSEUDO CELEBRITIES. The word is so famous that there is a 5 minutes video of Osho Rajneesh on YouTube giving discourse on the multiple usage of word. From Osho to AIB, everybody used this word as crutch to get a lot of views on YouTube. Even Raghu Ram said on recent video of AIB,” Gaaliya do sab dekhenge”. You may say that I am also doing the same thing, that’s your perception (I guess, both Raghu Ram and You are CORRECT!!!)
Based on the discourse given by Osho this word can be used in each and every situation and emotion. The word has so many use that, even oxford is thinking of publishing a dictionary with a SPECIAL OPENING PAGE on this word.
Recently during a movie my neighbor said,” this movie is fucking me” (I was like HOW, WHEN and HOW DID I MISS THAT?) but I ended up murmuring this magical word “WHAT THE FUCK” (“WELCOME TO THE CITY”, replied my conscience.)

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