I waited and waited for you to come online
But probably there was something else on your mind
There are nights that we are far apart
And the days too that are even further apart.

Nights, for there will be dreams
Lovey dovey dreams, of you and me
Days, oh the connection is only the calls
All seem so distanced now.

The day is already over
And the night is there, yes
But the dreams yet so far away.

But as the time passes
And you just grow older
And me too with you
There will always be that single thin line of thread
Strongly holding me and you.

And as I write these above lines
The same pace as I can type
Missing you too much
As much as the depth in Mariana Trench.

Can just words capture the emotions?
I think not yet for my vocabulary just constraints
It still misses a few rhymo-rhyming touch!!

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