The tool of demon

From the early days a small village situated on the rear end of Madhya Pradesh was a land trade center of tobacco leaves and most of the people living in the village were found of eating tobacco. Although the village was expanding gradually because of expanding trade but a small part of village near the woods was still undeveloped, people were dedicated towards agriculture and they struggled every day to feed their families. The major problem of the village was that every single person of the village was very fond of tobacco and that was the very cause of the deduction of the village finance and sanitation. When the tobacco crop was harvested many a times people of the very own village used to get mess up and take out a huge part of crop in their own use of making tobacco for themselves, this would cause a major loss in the annual earning of every family.
So, once upon a time named Ramesh used to live in the very village his father was the wealthiest farmer and also was the largest consumer of tobacco. One day when he brushed his teeth he noticed that a huge amount of blood was seeping through his mouth and gums, hr hurriedly rushed to the doctor and he got the news that he was having mouth cancer. He was also shocked to hear that this was a gift of eating tobacco and unfortunately he soon died as because of intensively growing disease. His family faced a huge tragedy and was the poorest of all the men in the village. When the sarpanch herd about the incidence he along the respected old citizens rejected that tobacco was the cause of his death and neglected the idea of avoiding tobacco and said it is the blessing from the heaven which is the source of our life without eating and trading it we can’t live but after few years all the families of the village were having at least on infected person then realized person and then they realized that tobacco is
“Tobacco is not a blessing from heaven but it is a tool of demon to kill somebody”

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