I had a dream,
"Go find your treasure", I heard a scream.
I woke up with a start,
With desire in my heart.

I thought from where to begin,
Were my chances thick or thin.
The dream was too good not to be true,
I knew I'd make through.

I searched for the spade that once lay there,
It was something whose use was so rare.
I finally found it lying bare,
Picked it up without a care.

And then the planning began,
Across the fields I ran.
Wondered from from where to start,
The excitement burning in my heart.

I finally found the place I'd seen in my dream,
I put to start my own worked out scheme.
I began to dig the place,
I had a dream to chase.

I toiled hard all day,
The most I'd ever done I can say.
Nothing I found,
But my hopes still didn't die down.

The sun set in the west,
But I didn't take a moment's rest.
The day made way for the night,
But my treasure was no where in sight.

I decided to stop,
Dead otherwise I would drop.
What a petty dream to chase,
I could have rested all day at my place.

I cursed myself for being a fool,
For letting a stupid dream rule.
I didn't have the desire to eat,
It had all been deceit.

I had that dream again,
This time I couldn't go through it in vain.
I screamed there was no treasure,
None that one could measure.

A voice boomed in the dark,
Somewhere I saw a spark.
"The treasure lies within you,
You are the fool who never knew".

"The treasure is no silver or gold,
Not something that can be sold.
The treasure is not in the pleasures of the world,
They would bring miseries untold!"

"The treasure is the talents I've given,
The passion with which you must be driven.
Your life you have wasted,
No success you have tasted".

I woke up again with a start,
But this time I had learned a lot for my part.
I still had the desire,
But this time to fly higher!

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