In the early 1990's, the monster came around . . . And although he graces us often, I suppose we never do get over the shock. There are no monsters but those created, and like it's creators, the monster is cruel and viscious and has lost control of what is good, and what is evil. This time fifteen families felt the devestating insanity of a monster attack, their children violated and dead. Do you suppose the monster shed a tear for even a single mother or her child?

The monster was captured, and he became a man, and he became accountable to the laws of man, and he claimed he was insane . . . Unable to distinguish right from wrong. To determine degree of sanity, one must consult the mind, and in the case of a monster, even one who is a man, the mind that drives a beast to epic acts of maniacal violence is, perhaps, better left untouched by a man with a soul.

Still, twelve human beings were compelled to judge the monster, and he sat, looking guilty and very much like a man, and he invited them into his head. They followed his lead, and he showed them the murders, and the unspeakable things he did. He enlightened them to his state of mind, and they saw that he was not a man

. . . And they were afraid.

The twelve united to contemplate their judgement, but were confused because they judged not the atrocious murders of fifteen mother's sons, but the mind of a beast . . . A thing they could not understand.

So one by one they set aside
What they knew of the human brain
He was judged, not as a man, but as a monster
They ruled that he was sane

And he was sent to prison for fifteen lifetimes
How I wish they all could see
In the prison sits a man
The monster has gone free

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