Truth or dare, I asked.
Dare, she said.
Okay so you sure you’ll complete the dare?
What is the dare? , She asked.
Take me on a date.
Oh you are such a..She began.
Whatever it is I’ll take it as a compliment and no if’s and but’s, I replied.

(The next day, she is driving to our date venue and has asked me to not inquire about anything.)

It will be my style, she said.
I've always loved your style, I said in my mind.
We reached the venue in next 10 minutes.
So this is it, she said.
We stepped out of the car, The sun was setting and the wind blew her hair to her face which she was flipping again and again gracefully behind her ears and giving me privilege to look and admire at almighty's best creation.

A cliff and it is quite lonely here, what is your intention madam??
You'll know it and I told you it was going to be my way.
Close to nature is better than any crowded coffee shop or restaurant, she said.
That means you wanted some alone time with me?
No, I mean it’s a dare and I thought I should not complete the dare just as formality, she said and tried to avoid eye contact.

I sat on her car bonnet and said,’I have told you, you’re pretty bad at lying.’
I've got something; I'm hungry what about you?
Swiftly changing the topic as always she pulled out a small paper bag from her back-seat.
I brought my favorite food for us, she said and also joined me on the bonnet or our couch for now.
I laughed and said,’ If you were the host you should have got my favorite dish idiot.’
Don’t you enjoy my favorite dish? , she asked.
Oh, I enjoy everything with you Miss beautiful, I said.
Yeah Mr. Flirt, she said.
I don’t flirt with you I wanted to tell.
She started to tell about how was her day and we were having her favorite dish with coke.

I was wondering what if she just stays quiet for a while; I would ask her where this is going?
What if I had asked you to stay quiet for 10 hours in dare?
Like you would have killed me, I can’t go an hour without speaking, she said.
And I smiled.

We laid comfortably on the bonnet now.
Its cold she said rubbing her hands together I'm missing coffee, she said.
Should we go back?
No, this place is amazing I can wait for coffee, she said.
Hmm, I said.

She smiled and we fell silent she was looking at the sky and I was looking her.
What, Look at that cloud what is it? , she asked on noticing that I was looking at her.
I don’t want to know, I replied.
She looked at me.
Is your humor bank left with no joke, why aren't you saying anything?
Why are you not talking today?
I don’t know, she said.
Maybe silence is having more things to say, I said.
Is it?
I can’t hear what silence is saying.
Deaf, I said.
Explain, she said.

You want to hear what the silence says ?
Yes, she said.
I moved closer to her.
Took her hands in mine. She was surprised but did not protest I entwined my fingers with hers.
Moved little more close, I could hear her breath. She was nervous and more than her I was. I had not planned what I have to say, I was blank, I only had sense of her hands in mine.
I gathered all my courage and looked up in her eyes. She was looking at me.
I smiled and then putting an end to the cyclone of thoughts in my head I said,
“It says that how cunningly you make me weak and every time you are around I lose my control.
And today this ambiance and you with your silence just gave me opportunity and courage to speak that with every passing second I'm falling for you.
Your kindness, stupidity, over reacting, craziness, innocence
with everything that you think is not good but actually is best.
You forget it every time all I want to do is hold your hands for forever and walk by your side reminding you each second how special you are and how special you will be.”
I couldn't believe I actually said it.
The next moment I saw her looking down and smiling no actually blushing.
Hey, I said.
I had starting jumping in my head because if a girl blushes it won’t mean no.
She didn't answer but just hugged me tight.
Am I dreaming?
No, You got it right and truth and dare has been and will always be my favorite game, was all she said.

And that October sunset witnessed my most memorable date of life.

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