Okay so I am officially writing and posting something after a very long time. All this while, I was busy with my studies and some other writing stuff but I've been socially connected during this while. 
I've seen a lot of people posting about the eternal truth , god and the inception of life. But as a creative writer it becomes my duty to clear the misconceptions. 
God! The most plain sailing word that has evolved over a period of time. For some, it is just a slang "OMG" and for some it is an even more extreme level of slang "OMFG". But for some, it is a matter of finding the truth behind this word. 
Being a human who is more human and less inhuman I feel that god is the one behind your acts , be it good or bad or neutral. God is one but we misunderstood the concept of god and made many out of one. The eternal truth is still hidden somewhere but instead of accepting this we are moving ahead towards deterioration and destruction of humanity as we want to mould OUR GOD according to our preferences and comfort. We are not behind the truth , we are standing behind the demons and devils that have given birth to organisations like ISIS , Al-Qayda, Lashkar and many more saviours of god and religion. It becomes our society's responsibility to peep into their souls and find out that we're not saviours but the children of god. 'God needs no help' 'We need.'

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