Aha, writing after a long time. Had been busy.

Now when you see such a title and starting, what would someone think about it? Well, it depends. Someone who loves visiting faculty will be ecstatic or well at-least read it first. Someone who don't know him, and has just joined WriterBabu will say, what the hell is this dude trying to point out. Bloody show off!!

But when you keep coming daily and interact with people you become a family and you know each and everyone who log-in daily. And you tend to write for them, and you forget a very important fact that everyday new people are joining who are totally unaware of the culture that has developed over time on WriterBabu. For them the second reaction is highly probable until and unless they are enlightened to the level of Buddha!! or say Visiting Faculty :P

Generally what happens in any institution where there is a system of seniors and juniors, juniors have to face the ragging as the old people are well established and have grown comfortable in their own ways, the new comers destroy that comfort as now the old people have to put some efforts to acclimatize with the new herd. And there is a conflict.

Here we write on general topics and sometimes about WriterBabu and sometimes about ourselves while being aware that everyone knows us. It is a social network and sometime people will tend to write directly to their friends. But since we write on general topics and our own friend circle is not so active on WriterBabu the structure is such a way that allows you to see posts from everyone and not just your friends and people you follow so that you have enough to read.

As more and more people will join and the amount of content will grow, the system will become better. Better in terms of serving content from people you are concerned first and then from others. The new news feed was made for that purpose only, to deliver more relevant activities. ( See Srijan's posts on news feed ( http://www.writerbabu.com/author/srijan.srivastava ))

Oh I forgot the biggest tool given by WriterBabu to write directly for friends. The direct targeted posts. You can write publicly, you can write anonymously and then you can write for friends so that only your friends get to see those posts. This was the purpose of this option. It will appear in the news feed of friends only. Many wondered why is it there. Why the hell is it there? It doesn't solve any purpose!! Now you know.

[for the clueless: there are three options for posting anonymous, public and friends read more: http://www.writerbabu.com/the_code.php]

So when a new member joins us they will see only public and anonymous posts which are directed to all and not just to friends. The more general ones, which are more in number, the ones on love, war, friendship, entrepreneurship, movie reviews, autobiographies, dance, music, politics, social issues, etc etc. So they(newly signed up) see these public and anonymous posts and when they take poll, comment and interact with others here and make some friends. Now when they have friends, they can read and write some personal posts from and for "friends" such as missing a particular author, saying good byes and pointing out someone's mistakes, asking for help from friends. So posts directed for friends should be posted under "friends" option to avoid all the confusion and conflict.

I have posted this post as public because its very generic in nature and useful for everyone.

Word of caution: You don't have an option to UN-friend yet on WriterBabu. But you can request it whenever you feel a need.

So the Visiting Faculty has spoken, now its your turn!!

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