With pains, agony tears my heart screams;
A soul with infinite dead dreams?
In search of light, quest for spirit;
Soulless soul! Where shall it seek?
Numb soul, scribbled hidden amongst
Miseries, woes & unknown fears!
Where shall I seek for happiness? For delight?
I thought, I cried, I lamented!
In thirst for happiness, for peace!

Voice echoed, echoed to clean the rust
Fears, worries & grieves I had to dust!
Enlighten, I had to enlighten my strength
Forget all worries;
Cherish your golden memories;
Learn from your faults;
But Never let your present halt!
Finally, I found it;
Amidst the darkness, in a temple
A temple that lies within!
Within me & within my soul!

Tags: Motivation

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