Mallu, I always imagined her, as a lady, a home maker who is of my mom's age, loves to write & let flow her thoughts. Who makes even the silliest thing, so thoughtful n beautiful. After seeing her on fb, to my surprise, my assumption of her was right! The eldest of all!

Praveen! This guy! I think I ve to write a book on him!
A very open hearted, fun - loving, kind, friendly, straight forward and what not? Just a chat with him on fb, makes me wash all the worries and pains and tiredness! Most wonderful guy by heart I ve ever met in my life!! Hope your dreams come true & best of luck! I must n should meet him, at least once in my life!! Hope that day comes too soon!
Sorry, I cant say anything much abt his writing, 'cause most of his writings are in Hindi, which I hardly understand! N yeah thanks a lott, ‘cause of you, motivated by you, I started reading newspapers regularly! :P He will surely kill me for this!! A pakka choudary! :P

Sam, touched by his wonderful writings! I had imagined him as a man of mid 20’s o 30’s.. Later realized, he is one among the youngest of our Wb family! Sorry little bro!

Ashhar Reza!
I always wanted to meet this guy, who writes wonderful poems! Great poet!
For a sec, I was flummoxed & left speechless!
Being touched by your poems, I wanted to see you once in Fb. Seeing your profile pic, it was like OH MY GODD!! Ashhar ji, Bangalore Convention, wb!! Should I say, my bad luck? I had already seen him there, in crowds. But I din’t knew it exactly it was he! Now I realize. Hope I had realized then, so that I could meet him, talk to him as a member of WB family! I missed it! How bad!!

Aanya Verma!
Sorry! Dr. Aanya Verma!
Writing very nice, fantasy, fiction poems! Sweet poet, whose thoughts, mind set, imagination are same as mine. I can find it through her words.. I imagine you as a thin fair cute girl, with lots of dreams, who loves simplicity & loves to write! Hope to see your pic soon!

Nishant Dash! The other name of Oxford Dictionary! :P
Writes using new words, whose meanings I ve to refer every time to a dictionary! Thanks for improving my vocabulary! :P Who lets his thoughts flow in a very elegant & fluent manner.. Lovely sweet, chota writings!

Naveen Neevan! Though doesn't write often; quality posts I must say!
Can't find this guy anywhere! I mean, any social networks.. :(

Winx! The most romantic poet. Love to read your work. Hope you write, more in English! :)

Mukhtaar! Dunno from where the love for Body building has strike him! :P
Nice school going boy, whose writings remind me of my school days!

Sorry for being anonymous & sorry if unknowingly, I ve hurt anyone!!

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