After pondering deep into the ocean of thought
After battles with myself, those, inside, I fought

My emotions are starting wrapping with the ink
I am in my world of silence, to contemplate, to think
A girl I think I like, I admire, my life changer
Neither enemy nor friend, she is a known stranger

I don’t know if to compare her hairs with cloud
But I am sure, on her even almighty feels proud
A girl with mind of Albert Einstein and Sir Newton
A girl with big dreams and busy in their execution

I don’t know if to compare her lips with rose petals
But her courage is Diamond hard, in life’s battles
A girl with heart of Princess and looks of fairy
With anger in her eyes, she looks appalling, scary

I don’t know if to compare her smile with colors of life
But she is capable to fight hard for dreams, to strive
A girl, aficionado of Bill Gates’ and Mandela’s views
A girl with guitar in hand and own self’s muse

I don’t know if to compare her voice with music of nature
But she is girl of high qualities and grace, high stature
A girl with patience of sea and depth of oceans
A girl with candid thoughts and true emotions

I don’t know if to compare her anklet with divine chimes
But she is my inspiration, reason of my rhyming lines
A girl with ambitions to fly high in the sky
A girl intangible to feelings like envy, hatred, ostentation and lie

I don’t know if to compare her with beauty of seasons
But she is a girl to be praised for all possible reasons

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