Of what worth are humans born?
Of what worth the opportunities blown?
Of what worth the life of an emotion-devoid?
Of what worth the uncanny monotone in the celluloid?

Akin, Blind men imagining, truth established,
visioned men stumbling, life impoverished!
Reality adverse, humdrum continuing,
the loss of the birth, well abusive!!

Of what worth the dreams for?
When unturned they become, dishonor more!
Of what worth are expectations without dreams?
Akin, A fallen leaf on a barren land!!

Of what worth the life lived?
lest the dreams carve out the smile?
The protest to be impartial, years moaned,
the undreamt dreams, ground existence more;
Akin, Closed eyes in an open island!!

The reality that incinerates the dreams, abolished,
uncared, unreal, but dreams are dreams, magnificent!!
A stereotype would perhaps refute, of course reality-ridden!
perhaps that lonely walk in the crowd would count, thought-driven!!

A dream to follow, a life to live,
A smile to own, grief to be slain,
A sleep irrelevant of future, a wake of happiness,
none clocks shall matter, that's passion driven!!

Wouldn't that be the biggest sin,
Of letting the dream die in silence?
Never do wishes moan,
so should we, to be uncompromising!!

I shall dream henceforth,
unheeded to any obstacle that could stop me,
None there will be a hiatus, nothing can reality do,
To satiate my desire to dream!

As the sun rays go blank in vacuum,
Sucked out air, inability of anything,
even then we'll stand out, aka dreams and me,
I shall find what's correct, follow it with glee!!

Of what worth the dreams battered?
Would there be any chance!
Of what worth are the words of people reprimanding my stint?
Pardon me, I do not care!!

Tags: Dreams

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