It is amusing that most people expect quick success in the spiritual field. Everyone thinks that the guru can do some magic and provide great things in return of their rituals of upasana. You come here, cry before me and request "Guru ji, please make my mind interested in upasana?" How can i control your mind, that too as and when you want? How would this be possible?
When nothing else in the world can be gained without adequate efforts why do you expect some magic sort of things and short-cuts in the field of spirituality?
Suppose you fall ill, will you get well if I take the prescribed medication on your behalf? If you are thin and weak and want to become a wrestler, will you expect that guru ji would go to the gym, practice heavy physical workout and make that stout? Obviously not! Even a school going kid would know that if I go to the gym and do the exercises, I would get stronger. However, by no means would I be able to 'transmit' my physical strength, my body weight to you. Tell me the method. On which principle such things would work? You want to pass B.A., M.A., and request someone to study for it. Maybe you request me to study on your behalf. Fine! Suppose I take admission in your college and study hard. Then suppose I write the exam and get excellent marks, so what? It won't get you the desired degree certificate. How is it possible that someone else could be a proxy for you in every phase of life as per your will?

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