There was a New Year (1st Jan 2015) post titled "FUCKING LOVE!!" under "Love and Friendship" category . The presence of the eye-catching 7-lettered word in the title drew my attention, and immediately, I looked into the Twentieth as well as the Twenty-First Century dictionaries. To my utter consternation, the word was right there glaring into my eyes. The word has obviously escaped my notice all these years, nearly half-a-century. How it could happen, I am clueless.

The inclusion of the word "Fuck" in the lexicon means that the word has been part of the standard English vocabulary for at least one full hundred years. Hence, it is not offensive in law and a case for defamation can not be filed for the use of such a word, even if using such a word may not be respectable and may not go well with the vast majority of a population.

The type of literature and the vast literature I have read, I can not recall having come across such a word. As a matter of fact, it took decades and that too after siring children before this great word 'enriched' my vocabulary. This could be due to the fact that the word was not there in the air in our times and the explosive information phenomenon has reached India only in 21st century.

During my school and university years, the worst abusive word was 'Bastard'. Next in descending order were bitch, bloody, useless. I do not think, I ever used those words myself (I am very bad at slangs.). But I can not vouch the same for my class-mates, friends and colleagues in regard to their English usages. But none of them used abusive words when conversing with me. And this state of affairs remained throughout my career.

In the context of our present discourse, I would like to mention that there is a group or family of four words which are akin to one another; but their connotations or thought contents are not the same. Each of these four words evokes a different feeling in our conscious minds. (You can try for yourself and see.) The four words are: mate, fuck, intercourse, coition. When we think of or come across the word mate, what comes to our mind is biology, evolution, breeding, multiplying. In contrast, the second word is very personal or individualistic. It arouses a strong feeling in the man as the doer (Karta) of a certain act. The thought that is embedded in the consciousness then is perhaps, "I am doing this act to my sex-partner. I have done it." 'Intercourse' word is at both the social and the emotional level, considered the most civilised and acceptable language for lovers and couples. Coition is different from the other three and is not infrequently used by certain erotic religious sects such as Tantra and other cults. This word is often associated with divinity and is one of the many paths to bliss where the sex is connected to mind or consciousness. Important thing to note here is: in coition a man and a woman are closest to each other. Intimacy is maximum, both at the physical and the psychic level. This is what the various erotic depictions/postures sculpted on the walls of Khajuraho, Konark and elsewhere - to a lesser degree - want to convey.

Lord Krishna, considered a reincarnation of Vishnu by millions, is considered a supreme yogi by many even now. I have read in literature, wherein he is credited to have possessed the extra-ordinary power to suck in his own semen after ejaculating it. What this means is inscrutable to me except that it evokes a sense of wonder/supernatural among the believers, and thereby, raises a mortal to the status of godhood, a method followed by many other religions too.

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