I don't know what Love means???
But I feel the feelings that I have for you..

An eagerness to watch you, Every-time,
Whether it is a dream or real-time..

A conversation with you, with the silence of mine,
Love to hear, you're so divine...

When i said, "I want to be with you",
You replied," I'm Reserved and that person can't be you "..
May be She is true...


I'm not happy because "she is Reserved instead of Preserved "...

How can I commit to a decision without realizing things


" Words are gamble, can easily be twisted,
Truth lies Behind, How lies can be accepted "

Being wise to thoughts,
For you,
My love never stops..

I'm still there,
Where You left me,
Waiting for u to come back....

Forgetting you,
that, what i lack....

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