Another night, the sun set. No I did not see it, clouds hid it. Matters not.

Tomorrow dawns, maybe the sun will be strong. I think not.

Snow falls all day, it melts. What a different day of January.

Why is our life the way it is? Do you ask yourself what I say?

To be home for a reason, or just cause it is? What have we made
of our life, a reason?

I believe we live as we make. Not a choice, just a thing we learn.

Tomorrow will be new, I pray what I do, maybe will touch you in some
special way.

Keep your heart open. Might be someone you meet, will change who you
you have become.

I believe it does not matter what others think of us. What matters only what
we see, what we believe we are, and what we can do as a person that we

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