And there she was..standing with him..
I had a weird feeling..

a feeling which took some time to sink in..

She was as usual looking beautiful in her red top..and black jeans.
She was a heartthrob indeed..
I could never think a second without her..
She was in a way .. my morning..
my afternoon..
and my night !
..............................................I met her last yea,she just came to this school after doing her boards from another school !

oh, that look..
that first time when I saw her..


She was beautiful, the way she used to walk..her aura..her way of speaking.

The way she used to carry herself..

ah,eternal bliss .
Well, It all started way back in june last year ..
When she entered school, I didnt notice her on the first day..
It all began when I went to her class to spread the news for the selection of Inter school athletic meet.
She was the monitor of the class..and I took her permission..
as a house captain I had to tell all the class 11's, She was in 11 B.
that was the first time I had a talk to her.

I never though a girl would make me forget all the worries of my life..
Then..during the half yearly exams..I was more close to her..

We became friends..we exchanged number..
started talking over phone....
met frequently during the off days..
at times...went to drop her at home..

things started to change..
I fell for her..
It was just a sudden change in me...
I could feel that..
life was so much fun..

I never really told her what it was like..but she knew I really love her.
She knew I really like her .
But I also knew,she never felt the same.
I also had a feeling that...even though I loved her alot..

Well,I know..
how much I cared for her .
how much she meant to me..

But,she though I was worthless..
...with all my talent..She thought they were nothing..
all my qualities ..

speaking writing...the athleticism inside me..
the ruggedness..
Being a all rounder..

for her..all these things never mattered !

So, one sunny morning I decide its time to tell her her everything.
I thought of proposing her..
I thought to finally tell her about all the things I wanted to say since many days...

It was right after our half yearly exams..
so, we had time to hang out..
Her home tutor used come on the weekends.
And she used to come to take English tution from the teacher who was my neighbour.

I decided to not to tell her that I would be coming to see her that evening,it was 26th November,2013.
The winter season was just setting in..

The afternoon passed anxiously,
I was so excited about the meeting,
each second was like a minute..
I did love her.
I thought it would be a yes from her side because she knew how much she meant to me.

I went,
I went to pick her up..
I took a red rose..and a box of dark chocolate which she loves alot.
And a handmade card which I designed since 6 in the morning .

well, there was butterflies in my stomach .

the clock struck 7 in the evening..
and there it was.

Finally the time confess everything .

I went there..saw her standing there with her friends.
I was just walking upto her..
Just when I was about to surprise her from the back...just few more steps I would be there ..
I waited for a moment...took a deep breath..


a guy..with pulsar 220..came right beside her.
Picked her up..
And she stopped..the bike stoppped,
She came down,
and asked that ..

" what happened jana,
you never said you would come ......"

I hide everything..the card..the rose..the box of chocolate behind me back..

I uttered three words,"who is he " ?

She replied,"opps sorry could not tell you
got carried way,
last night he proposed and I am so happy to have him in my life,
I love her alot"

and you know how I felt ..

Some things are better to be unsaid .
Walked back home with a heavy heart,tears rolling down the face....

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