The other morning, I went for a long drive with my sister. We took the NH for a greater adventure in a quest to find roads less travelled by. We saw a narrow opening of an alley and entered it. For some distance it was like any other small town with small shops and children playing on the road. After some time the buildings vanished and there was a large stretch of field as far as the eyes could see. At some points there were huge factories away from the road. We went on and on. We passed through a few small towns and then there was this village that we saw. Might not even be known to the MLAs and MLCs of the region. We don’t know what was its name. There were little children without clothes on wandering about. Small huts which could be blown off with a light gush of wind. There were cattle and their excreta on the road. I glanced on their faces and felt that sorrow that reflected in their eyes. The kids were malnourished and looked as if they had nothing to eat for days. There was no road and what my sister was driving the car was on soil. Their poor economic status had indulged me into deep thoughts of their lives. My chain of thoughts was broken by a drone. I looked above and saw an airplane was flying by. And then I saw a lady, she had her eyes laid up on the sky and there was a tear from her eyes. I don’t know what it was for. She might be thinking of what kind of lives other people have and what life she had.
This is the line. The line that divides us into two, one that fly above the clouds and the other who are forced to live amidst sadness. We went on building up planes and making the buildings reach a new height but then, we forgot about those who were living with us and dreamt of everything that we had made possible for us. We have whatever we desire for, and those people down there could not even dare to desire. We live our life without thinking about that section of society who live in darkness. I felt bad for them.
While returning back, I saw the same lady who had shed a tear on seeing that airplane. This time she had a smile on her face, she was making her little child have a bath. She was looking her kid with a sense of admiration. I tried to remember when was the last time my mother looked at me like that, and then I remembered that it had been days I even spoke to my mother for she is a working lady, forget about looking that way.
Well, their status was not as bad as I thought it to be. They had something that we don’t – LOVE. They had smile on their faces even with such hardships. But we, being so affluent can not even cherish what we have. Living with the so called ‘better-offs’ was not as good as an experience that I had while just looking at them through my car’s window.

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