1. People will never remember what all you did for them.. instead they' ll always be complaining about what u dint do... u have to accept it..!!!

2. Things will never be how they used to be.. learn to live every moment of life.. its not going to repeat itself ever..!!

3.People will always leave........ this is what they are meant to be... but don't let this thought make u less emotional towards them... you are enjoying a good moment.. do it..!!!

4. Don't let the bitterness of others change the kindness of your own heart... for one day you will realize u had the courage to rise above all and smile...!!!

5. Being soft and strong is a trait very few have mastered... never confuse someone's softness for his weakness..!!

6. There will be a time when you ll find yourself all alone... its okay... you still gotta be thankful to everyone for being a part of your life..!!

7. Hopelessness is the biggest disease in the world.. never let it enter in u...!!!

8. People will always back bitch about you... chuck it... they do it with everyone... ur actions should not reflect it affected you..!!

9. Having enemies in life is actually not a bad thing.. in fact its good.. it means you stood for something... ppl will not like you only for 2 reasons: one.. they are jealous of you... and 2 they know they can never be like you.. actually this doesn't mean they hate u... it means they hate themselves..!!!!

10. do things that make you happy( it shudnt harm others).. and not for the sake of others for one day u ll realize u never did anything for your ownself... will be the biggest regret to handle..

11. Whenever you find yourself in the wrong story.. LEAVE.. dere is a HUGE difference between the films and real life.. nobody is going to fight the entire world just to be with you,,,

12. There is nothing like the perfect one..... its just an illusion.. u ve gotta be the one accepting people for their goodness if you want to be happy in life,,!!!

13. Love is varying... the one you see in movies is not the true love...!!!

14. I know everyone is selfish in this world... and there is nothing wrong in that.. but u can owas do some things for others... it makes u feel a better human being.!!!!

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