To all pure hearts,
To all messengers of love,
To all who have same vibes,
We were born for a mission,
We were born with devotion,
We were born to make the change,
We were born to ease the pain,
To heal sorrows,
To discern the bad, encircle it, and dissolve it,
To dissipate the darkness with our light,
To defeat the evil ruling the world,
Our endless energy is from God,
Our will inebranlable is from the Divine,
Our path is created it, to walk towards the light,
Our planet will be shifted and smoothly will make it,
Each of us is a candle burning in a place in this universe,
Lightening up the darkness,
Join the will of goodness,
Join our will for a better Earth,
Work with kindness and love,
This is our real human identity,
This is why we are here,
And were born for..

Tags: Happiness

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