After hearing my lectures on corona somebody advised me to write about it. I thought of writing an infographic but a lot of them are already there. I thought about writing a fake news (as they get more attention), like the crying image of Italian Prime Minister (in which the Italian PM looks like a doppelganger of Brazilian President ;P) or the one where Putin unleashed tigers and lions on street (Putin has fascinating pets).


                       This is Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil

       Putin’s fascinating pets on the Russian roads


So my idea of fake news was sending a WhatsApp text to one of my friend or relative and let the fire spread. I even prepared a message:-

 “Breaking news Coronavirus can move on its own and change surfaces. The virus would come to your home, ring your door bell and say, playing hide & seek with me using the lockdown but I have Gotcha” It would’ve been so viral (Thanks to all the knowledgeable social media users :P) that within some time I would’ve received a call, probably from my mom or sister explaining me “Coronavirus khud apne ghar pe bhi aa sakta hai”.

I would’ve also received the above message and additional messages & videos on WhatsApp or Tiktok giving lectures on how Coronavirus can change surfaces and how to avert the same to keep you safe, the latter part may contain use of some special domestic ingredients or specific prayer to a specific deity that too in a specific manner. This extended last thought and the mental scar it would cause to readers and viewers, averted the circulation of the above message.

Thought of writing a conspiracy theory, like china created a biological weapon which got leaked or china did this to tumble world economy.  My favorite is the one which depicted multiple scenes and explaining how china played a game. Also thought of writing a monologue like Kartik Aaryan, but people are seeing that more as a joke rather than understanding the situation.

Finally I decided to write about the impacts of Coronavirus. Below are the impacts which we tend to ignore

Human Myopia: As soon as people heard about the spread and the possibility of a lockdown, people acted like there is no tomorrow, they started stocking things. The images of people fighting for rations, household items are very disturbing. The traders started hoarding things. All of a sudden the prices of goods started moving towards north. The government gave multiple assurances regarding the availability of essentials but we never take our governments seriously. It’s like we are so self centered that others are non existential to us and it would require a great deal of work to break that.

Permanence to Liquidity: - A shift is there in preparation of Balance sheet. People have started preparing their balance sheets in liquidity order rather than the common permanence order. Short term liquidity is getting preferred over long term assets/investments. It proved that cash will always remain the king, no matter how much we move towards the digital economy.

The Conundrum about Time: One of the fascinating impacts is the conundrum of time. We often hear people complain about the inadequacy of time. The time span it has provided, in this busy life, is way more than being adequate. Time was a limiting factor in our lives and now it’s like people don’t know what to do with that much time. The shift from I can’t catch a break to when the break will end is a disguised blessing we received due to coronavirus.

Conclusive proof of Human stupidity: Corona has once again proved that human stupidity can be a catalyst in many situations. Carlo M. Cipolla in his article about the human stupidity mentioned that everyone always underestimates the no of stupid individuals in circulation and probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of other characteristics of that person. The way humans are gathering and travelling despite multiple requests from the governments; both centre & state, and despite the constant love showered by the police and army is a conclusive proof of the above laws.


This too shall pass: Corona also made humans realize that all the things in life are temporary, including them. Humans realized that they are a part of nature and not the boss of it; this caused a lot of damage to the human hubris. The below image, received on WhatsApp, tells a lot of stories in just few lines


As everything is temporary, Coronavirus is also temporary and as they say, this too will pass but if we act responsibly & sensibly, this will pass soon.



PS: Hats off to the Doctors, Delivery executives, Policemen, Army personnel, Bankers and all those who are providing the essential goods & services for their Dedication, Care & Love. They are fighting this pandemic on behalf of all of us.


A special thanks to social media, esp WhatsApp for making this article possible. While I am writing this I received a YouTube link on WhatsApp mentioning "Whether god will reincarnate to defeat Corona ?". Don't have the courage to watch that video, if you need link please tell me in the comments.




Carlo M Cipolla's Basic Laws of Human Stupidity:


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