Those days when you woke up in the morning and hadn't had to worry about your teeth or body for brushing and bathing.
Those days when everyone loved any gestures from you
Those days when strangers passing by used to hold you ,hug you and kiss you.
Those days when fun and masti was only the goal for next day.
Those days when you hadn't had to think before speaking anything to anyone.
Those days when no one made fun of you for any of your senseless behaviors.

Those days when eating , playing and enjoying was not so difficult as it is today.

Those days when people handpicked the best eatables just for you.
Those days when toys were not gifted after an achievement, but to make you feel more special and joyous , it was not a reward for success but the token of happiness.
Those days when one word from your mouth made everyone's day .
Those days when hitting some one didn't mean anger and altercation
Those days when your vehicles were not machines, but some people around you.
Those days when you were the source of happiness for people's anger and sadness.
Those days when everyone had time for you.
Those days when you didn't judge anyone by his looks and talks
Those days when every peer was a default friend
Stealing and snatching was not a sin
Being sad was a crime and no one could withstand tears in your eyes
Those days when sadness and happiness was the only state of mind you could have.
Those days when you hadn't had to worry about how you looked and what you've dressed.
Those days when you hadn't even had to lift your legs to get things done
Those days when time was nothing to you, you always had time for anything.
Those days when people tried to guess and understand what you said rather than asking you to speak again or explain it.

Those days when someone was always behind you , no matter where you went .

Those days of childhood are gone and will never return.
But nostalgia will always be with us.
Those priceless moments and life without worries will always keep us happy.

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